Flirty Fitness Classes


We have 2 dance studios here at Flirty fitness to host every class you have ever dream of... Even pregnant women have a dedicated workout! Every woman, from any age and any shape are welcomed, you just need to come as you are and let us take care of you. Perhaps you will have your favourite classes, but maybe you will love them all! Come and try!


The Fitness Studio

Do you want to sweat? Do you want to dance and let off stream? Have you had your hair styled at Rush Hair London and bought your clothes in Paris and now you want a body to match? You will find every class you need in this studio!

Zumba Course

Zumba / Mix Latino


A handful of Salsa, a pinch of Samba, a drop of Merengue, take the whole into a hot aerobic routine, and your get Zumba! A combination of easy fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body, Zumba will take your worries away and give you an incredible fun.

Invented by the Columbian Beto Perez, you will burn no less than 500calories in 1 hour and enjoy the party!


Cheeky Girls Aerobic 

This class is divide in two parts, you will do 30 minutes of sexy aerobic then threading your high heels for 30 minutes of dancing and glamourous poses. Very entratinted, you will alos be surprised by the results that the mix of theses activities bring tou your silhouette.


Toning N sculpting


Some unsightly rolls, a little cellulite on thighs? This course was specially studied to melt the jodhpur thighs. By exercises of body-building and reshaping you will obtain plump buttocks, hourglass figure, dream legs and flat stomach.

Chair Dancing Course

Chair Dancing


This class introduces you to sexy aerobic chair dancing. This workout is perfect for increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Every woman can do it, we start with the basics and we will learn a sexy dance routine on the coolest songs. We promise you that you are going to be fun!


Exotic Dancing - Belly Dance course

Exotic dancing (on masterclass only now)


Because Shakira’s hips make us green with envy! Because the beautiful Aishwarya Rai (ex-Miss Universe and very famous Indian movie star) sway like a queen, and because the Tahiti and Hawaii make us dream! We have decided to introduce you the sexiest dances in the world into our Exotic dancing class. Bellyrobic, Bollywood dancing, and Hula have been very famous the last few years for their body benefits and mind escape. It is on traditional songs that you are going to learn some of the hottest moves from the others continents.

We encourage all participants to come to class with a hip scarf to enhance those sexy curves. Dare to be sensual! Note that this class has been made to bring some exotism and fun in your life, it is not  traditional belly dancing class. 


Hoop Dancing course

Hoop Dancing (only in training courses now)


Learn to dance and move creatively to music while hooping with a large brightly coloured hoop. It is a fun, exhilarating and challenging way to improve fitness, coordination and balance while lifting your spirits. More than a new fitness regime, hooping is a way to celebrate, explore and inspire ourselves and others.


Bikini Boot Camp - Fitness course

Extrem Bikini Camp

Be beautiful, sexy and 100% self-confident, be ready for the bikini this summer with the Bikini Boot Camp! If you want to burn a maximum of fat in a minimum of time, this workout is perfect for you. During an hour, you will alternate cardiotraining and musculation phases on lively beats, in order to have a envious body in the twinkling of an eye! Being wasp-waisted and “bootylicious”, tempting?

Lady Styling - Latino Dancing course

Lady Styling

Latino rythmes make you want to dance? Come to try Lady Styling within you will learn how to move on salsa steps. You will discover our sensual and dynamic choreographies in women’s group. More than just burn calories, you will be the queen of Cuba!

Sexy Flexy - Stretching course

Sexy flexy


Give a second life to you body! The quality of your muscles does not only depend on the mass; it also depends on their flexibilities. During this class we are going to relax and go for an intense sexy stretching. No one wants to be built like a tank, with this class you will feel refreshed, you will get slender muscles and a slender figure.

Yoga course



If you are looking for a quite, calm class ...please choose one of our other relaxation classes:-)  In this class you will experience a sunny, invigorating, fun workout that is, specially designed to work those abs and glutes, this class is the 21st century type of other words a full body blast! Combining breathing techniques, streching and toning yoga and pilates techniques this class will leave you refreshed, energized and ooooh so relaxed!  Class by class you will notice a significant difference in your balance,elasticity.



Ready to melt your fats and to remodel your body? For 2 hours of extensive fitness you will alternate cardiotraining and body-building to burn calories and draw you a dream silhouette, the whole in an atmosphere of madness.

Relaxation Course

Wellness & Relaxation


Thanks to the yoga Kudalani and the bases of Taïchi, this class allows to win in serenity. A deep relaxation work based on the the breath and soft movements- We add sometimes the aromatherapy to this class to put all our senses on the alert. Suits perfectly in seniors but also in persons in full convalescence.

Pregnancy course

Pregnancy cocooning (only with an appointement)


You are pregnant and during 9 months your body is going to change.

How will you stay in good shape and enjoy this unique moment?

This class has been designed by health and fitness professionals and will bring you wellness and relaxation during your pregnancy. You are going to discover several activities and exercises which are going to help you to feel in harmony with yourself and your baby; you will also be prepared for the after pregnancy reducing for example to put on weight, but also the tone slackening.

A medical certificate issued by a doctor is required to join this class.


Post Natal Fitness

Fit mama


Lower-back pain, foot swelling, and post-baby stomach flab? Like every mummy, you probably want to go back into shape in a small period of time after the baby is born.

This low impact workout is going to bring back your sexiness and muscles and pelvic area therapies.

Please consult your gynaecologist before you begin with anything.



The Pole Studio

This studio is designed to host all the pole activities. Equipped with X-Pert professional poles, you will learn the hottest workouts of the moment in a safe and fun environment.


Pole Tease course

Pole Tease


This class is designed for women who want to pole dance but without too much of aerial work.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, having fun learning a sassy routine, this class is for you.

So wear your hair down, bring your heels and let your inner flirty girl showing up.

All levels welcome, you don’t need to know anything about pole dancing to join this class.

Fitness for pole course

Pole fit


If you feel a little bit weak during the Aerial Pole Dancing course or if you just want to tone your whole body in an original way, come and try Pole fit. There is nothing sexy about this class but it will definitely give you more strength, a better cardio and hot body! We will work mainly on the upper body (arms, abs etc.) but also on the legs using some exercises like squats and lifts.


Aerial Pole Dancing course

Aerial Pole Dancing course


Do you want to learn the real pole dancing? Learning tricks and seeing the world up side down? Please check the Pole Dancing course page and book for the next taster.