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Flirty Fitness is the most glamourous women's only fitness club in Luxembourg

The Flirty Club


We are not just a fitness club, we are a high-end social club for women; with us you will discover a fun alternative to get fit and feel good with yourself.


At Flirty Fitness you will meet women of any age, any corpulence and any social environment who come to spend a good time far from the daily stress and from any judgment.


Flirty Fitness exists since january 2009, we used to have Fitness activities and a Pole Studio. Since May 2014 we decided to specialised only in POLE DANCING and ENTERTAINMENT FOR WOMEN ONLY. If you are interested in the Fitness then contact Alexia Fitness (below), they are sharing the place with us now.


We want you to feel good and look amazing:)

Come and have fun!!!


Pole dancing, Lap Dancing, Pussy Cat Dolls Party etc...


More than just a good workout, we promise you will feel more confident and sexy within yourself and others will notice the change in you too. Over a short period you will notice a healthier more toned body and feel more confident as a whole.